Wall of Love Grid

The Wall of Love is a place to host all liked testimonials. Things can be added to the Wall of Love:
  • Video / text testimonials
  • Twitter tweets
  • LinkedIn posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • G2 reviews
To have a white-labeled wall of love, please upgrade to any paid plan.
This is our wall of love 👇
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How to embed the Wall of Love?

  1. From "Manage your space" page, on the left-side menu, in the EMBEDS section, you will find Wall of Love grid option, click it
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2. You will see a popup modal, you will find the 3-lines of code to embed the Wall of Love, click Copy code
You have options the customize the Wall of Love. Scroll down to the How to customize section to know more about it.
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3. Paste the code to your website HTML source code, and you should be able to see the Wall of Love being rendered on your webpage.

Live demo on codepen.io


How to customize?

If you need the Wall of Love to better fit to your webpage, you now have 3 options to customize your Wall of Love.

Remove the Testimonial branding

You need to upgrade to any paid plan to have a white-labeled embed
Just check the box of Remove Testimonial branding. The config will be saved automatically.
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Light or dark theme

The default theme is light. But if your webpage uses dark theme, you can set your Wall of Love in the dark theme as well. You just need to check the box of Dark theme, then copy & paste the code to your own website.
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Card size

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Each box in the Wall of Love is a card. By default, the width for each card is 350px. You now have the option to customize the width as well. We will provide two choices:
  1. small: width is 250px
  1. large: width is 450px
When the screen size is smaller than 500px, the wall of love will be just in one column, and the width of each card will extend to 100% of the screen width.
You just need to click the Card size dropdown list to select a preferred option, then copy & paste the code to your own website.
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